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My Work

Thanks so much for having a look. Here is just a teeny tiny amount of my most recent work. My Instagram page has the most amount of pictures if you are looking for my portfolio. My IG name is @georgettepmu



adding in thickness with soft shading



soft shaded blonde brow



soft shaded brow



Soft shaded eyeliner



Fine line hamsa behind the ear



Fine line hummingbird


Soft shaded powder brows


Georgette's signature service - soft shaded powder brow. This will heal soft and shaded.


Powder brow in blonde/taupe


Post mastectomy survivor areolas


Powder brows in ginger


Medium brown powder brows and healed eyeliner upper/lower


Powder brows


lower eyeliner


blond healed powder brows several months old


Dusty pink lip blush


magenta lip stick look


Baby shaded eyeliner with a wing


Mogwai hand tattoo by Georgette


script fine line tattoo


fine line diamond tattoo

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