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3D Areola Tattoo Training

Georgette offers complementary 3d areola tattoos for survivors in her Newmarket clinic, please message to book. Georgette also teaches the fundamental skills to tattoo 3d areola tattoos.
Recently, Georgette helped open the first OHIP funded, 3d areola tattoo clinic at Oakville Trafalger Memorial hospital with Dr. Alexandra Ginty.
This is Georgette's passion project!
More about training:
The training is a 100 hour fundamental tattooing course that focuses on 3d areola application for both mastectomy and cosmetic patients.

In addition to being a cosmetic (brows, lips and eyeliner) tattoo artist, I am referred by plastic surgeons all over Ontario for the work that I do. I support surgeons both in their practices and in my studio.

Some common questions:

- Why 100 hours?

In Ontario, to be insured as a body artist, the trainer has to offer an apprenticeship in order for the graduate to carry insurance. I am registered with South West insurance agency as a trainer, and have committed to a 100 hour apprenticeship.   The apprenticeship would happen after your in studio training and you would commit to logging practice hours in a journal. Practicing can be on your own time, each assignment has an allocated time credit. The basic break down is 24 hours in studio and 76 hours practicing at home (equivalent to assignments time credits). Practice work looks like drawing (with pencil and paper), tattooing with ink and latex and completing assignments.

- What happens in studio?

In studio time with Georgette is to learn about the theory of tattooing and use of the machine as well as application of Georgette’s techniques. In studio will be three full days (24 hours), then move into home practice. Georgette has Zoom sessions for questions and answers should you need support as you move through your apprenticeship.

- What is the cost?

3d areola tattooing is very specialized and therefore in high demand in Ontario and beyond. The cost of the course is $3000 plus HST.

- What can I charge for the service?

Personally, I offer discounted work to survivors and charge uplift/implant patients. Generally speaking you are looking at $800 for a bilateral service, $400 unilateral.  

- What is included in the course costs?

Included are all the consumable products while you are with me (ink, needles, tracing tools, drawing tools, PPE etc), also your models are included as is your machine.

- What is not included?

Products that you would need to work on your own. A kit with pigments and needles is an additional $500 (16 colours from World Famous Ink and 4 needle configurations in 20 count boxes), stencil tools and more.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions/concerns.

The next day the course starts is on April 20th for 3 days, full payment of $3390 is required to book.


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