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In Studio Courses

Join 9 year permanent makeup veteran Georgette Dunn, certified by the SPCP in permanent cosmetics for intense, in studio courses that offer latex and live model practicing as well as demonstrations. All Georgette's in studio courses include a safe universal rotary machine, needles, latex and pigments as well as all the tools you require in studio. Once graduated you will have to purchase your own supplies such as pigments, needles PPE and more. Models are completed for every in studio course, Georgette supplies the models and ensure that you are ready prior to working in live skin. Georgette provides picture taking and video taking of you working and your models. These photos and videos should be used to market your services across your social media channels.


Georgette offers fundamental courses and master classes in the following techniques:


- tiny tattoos (fine line feminine body art)

- brows (ombre/powder)

- lips (lip blush, lip stick, lip liner)

- eyeliner (wings, classic, shaded, powder)

- 3d areola reconstruction following cosmetic or mastectomy procedures


All course times can be arranged to suit students preferences.  


Students without formal training are considered beginners and as such, they require a minimum of 100 hours of tuition. Students with experience (a certificate in the technique) may enroll in Master Classes. Master classes are designed to correct the artists mistakes and help make them a stronger artist using Georgette's techniques. Speaking generally, master classes are 1-2 days in studio depending on the needs of the student. Please contact Georgette to inquire about Master Classes.


In studio courses are offered in single techniques ($3000) or can be bundled into 3 courses (buy 2, get third for just $1000) for a total of $7000. Prices do not include HST. Students are welcome to select any 3 techniques to bundle. Course dates are not secured until full payment is made, course dates are usually 1-2 months in the future as Georgette's schedule tends to fill up fast. **please note that areola training is $3500 due to the expensive of materials and supplies**




For those students interested in any fundamental course, Georgette feels strongly that completing tattoo techniques as a beginner in 2,3 or even 5 days is not setting her students up for success. While PMU is very lucrative and sought after the truth is that it's hard. The technique is difficult to master and the ONLY way to have success is to practice. There is just not enough time in a few days to teach you a muscle memory skill. This is why Georgette suggests that each technique is spaced over 30 days for training. This time is split up with in studio and at home practice using a journal that Georgette supplies you with.  




New graduates generally charge $300-$400 per treatment. Georgette suggests increasing your prices by $50 every 20 clients, as you build your online portfolio and improve your artistry. Georgette personally charges $650+ per procedure and can complete 2-3 procedures/day working 4/5 days/week. This equates to $4000 in revenue per week, $16,000 per month. This is after 7 years in the industry, so yes - you will make great money but like anything where there is a high reward, you must work hard to achieve this.


Questions? Please do not hesitate to call Georgette 905-806-0743 she is happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Students work

Below is the beginner in studio work of my students, in many cases these are the first time that they are working in the skin. Georgette cares deeply about the success of her students, she feels that their work is an extension of her work and safety is important as is the quality of work. Georgette's students are MORE BOOKED than other trainers students because their work is very high quality.


Once you have graduated from any in studio course, Georgette invites you to return to the clinic at anytime in your career to watch her work or troubleshoot any problems that you encounter.


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