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Why I no longer offer microblading services

Why I no longer offer microblading services

would you agree that when we know better, we do better?

Microblading is a jail house tattoo.  It is a cut in the skin (think of a paper cut) and a smoosh of ink in the cuts.  It is suppose to mimic little pieces of hair and last in the skin, looking like 'hair' for years to come.  Clients are educated to believe that it is semi permanent and wont last as long as a tattoo.

Microblading IS a tattoo, it can stay in your skin FOREVER and the hair stokes go grey and they blur over time.  Microblading is traumatic to your skin and causes scarring.  Just imagine paper cutting your skin in the same place over and over again every 2 years.  That is what microblading is. 

Over the years working as an artist I have seen old microblading done by great artists and done by not so great artists.  Guess what.... both look terrible.

Microblading MUST eventually be upgraded to a shaded brow, because you cannot keep slicing the skin.  So, I ask you.... why do something that will add trauma, look unnatural and go grey when you can just skip over that and go straight to a soft shaded brow?  

Shaded eyebrows are the cadillac of brows, they require less maintainance and look amazing.  They can be as soft or as bold as you like and they can really be any shade that flatters your aesthetic.  

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