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Why are consultations required for existing PMU in the area to be worked on?

Why are consultations required for existing PMU in the area to be worked on?

I know... it is a BIG let down... and I do feel your pain!

You've landed on my website, seen my Instagram and really love the work I do.  But... you have an existing tattoo in the area you'd like me to work on.. You reach out and I tell you that you need to pay a $50 consult first.  

This disappoints so many clients and I do understand that it is frustrating. 

Let me try and explain (as gently as I can).

The reason that I want to see you is because I do not like agreeing to work on skin that has existing work because someone has already interfered with your skin integrity.  Often, though you cannot appreciate that there is any color left - almost always I can see the remnants of your old work.  Sometimes,  I can make a plan to cover over old color.. sometimes, removal is indicated.

Tattooing makeup on peoples faces is intimidating enough, and having someone come in with high expectations only to be turned around is not good for you OR me.  This is why I must see those with existing work.

It is worth noting that if you do have existing work, and we do decide that you can have a cover up/touch up/ rework.  The cost is higher than that of someone with no previous work.  Why is this?  This is because it is harder to work over existing work that is not my own.  It requires more skill and education and time.  Would you paint a black room white for the same price you would paint a white room black?  It's not quite that dramatic, but you get the idea.


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