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FAQ - Courses

Please use this page to help answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get about my courses


Q: I want to take your online course, it's full certification - right?

A: I mean, yes - you get a certificate BUT, if you are a total beginner.. I am not giving you permission to work on faces after an online course.  That is not the intention of my courses.  I set my course price so low to give aspiring artists the chance to see, touch, feel and learn the full picture of being a PMU artist.  The fact is that in order for you to get access to the information it's expensive to sign onto a course to potentially discover it's not for you.  I want you to be armed with tons of information so that you can find a great hands on course with the intention to do really well and have a great foundation of knowledge.  Without knowledge in PMU, how can you find a really good trainer?  How do you know the difference? Taking an online course as a beginner for a few hundred bucks and working on peoples faces... you will struggle and you will not produce good work.. Every artist needs a fundamental hands on course.  That is the only way you will succeed in PMU.  That said, if you have taken a hands on course and are looking to ADD services - taking my online courses are a great way to add services to your business without the need for further hands on training. 

Q: I want to take an online course, do you sell a kit - or can I have a list of the tools? Whats the cost?

A: setting up a PMU business costs about $1-$2k if you include your bed, stool, BBP protection, needles, pigments, machine, wipes, cotton pads, etc.. I do not include tools with any of my online courses.  I do sell a machine that comes with 10 single needles, latex, 3 bottles of practice pigments, critical supply and foot switch - please see my shop page.  For all other materials, there is a material list in all of my courses and instructions of where you can purchase them.  

Q: I want to train with you in studio - how does that work?

A:  When it comes to in studio training, I am very flexible in regards to schedule.  I do not book dates without full payment.  This is because booking student dates requires me to move my personal clients, which I cannot do until I have payment confirmation.  From the time you purchase your in studio course, I can commit to booking your training within 30 days.  If my in studio training is not purchasable on my website that means that I am maxed out on the amount of students I am working with.  I do not rush anyone to the finish line.  Each modality requires 100 hours of tuition (a combination of in studio, online and at home), these are my minimum requirements to be able to certify you.  If you are a beginner, you require more practice hours before working on your models. Though courses are usually private (one on one) they are not guaranteed to be, sometimes you might be joined by 1-2 other students learning the same thing at different stages.  All of my students are invited to come back to audit me working for additional mentorship if required.


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