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Becoming a PMU Model

Becoming a PMU Model

The best way to access PMU for less is by signing up to be a model for work by Georgette or work by her students.  If you choose to book a space where the work is performed by Georgette,  you can expect that your full procedure will be carried out by Georgette and Georgette only.  The procedure may be prolonged and may be filmed.  Georgette's students will be watching learning and listening to her explain her technique.  To thank you for lending your face to her students, Georgette offers several hundred dollars off her usual price, this includes your touch up as well.  Ideally you should not have existing PMU in the area to be tattooed.

If it's a model space you are after, Georgette's students go through 100 hours of intense training on fake skin before working on the real thing.  During your procedure Georgette is close by observing and guiding the students so that your results are quality.  You will have to opportunity to see your makeup templated on your face so you can critique the design prior to the tattoo.  Student spaces are $250 and include a touch up by a student. 

Interested?  Email or text Georgette for more details.  9058060743.  

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